Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photo Tour Part 2

A continuación...
Starfruit tree in the backyard, always popping off.

Starfruit snack. Also good for making fresco (juice/water/sugar).

Limón tree, which is the Costa Rican version of lime and/or lemon, grows here year round here too. It's a little bit more acidic/tart, but it does the trick.

Avocado in the tree in our front yard...getting bigger...we had so many we had to give them away...and they're all huge!

View of the coast on the way from Cabuya to Montezuma, a beautiful shoreline with beaches scattered among big black rocks.

School in Montezuma where I teach (beachfront).

Typical Iguana hanging out in the schoolyard.

Playa Montezuma.

House in Delicias where I stay part time.

There are 3 different types of mango trees in the yard in Delicias...these are the big ones, super yummy!

Papayas too!

This is green noni.

This is ripe noni. Good for you, but oh so stinky!

My little friend Maria in Delicias, age 2, calls me "Ah-me."


Typical cow/bull sighting on the road near Cobano; sometimes they are seriously just standing in the middle of the road!

Playa Santa Teresa.

Trinity and I having a beach day with the quad. There are tons of fun beach spots to explore and the quad is such a fun way to see it all…lovin it!

The colegio (high school) where I teach in Santa Teresa.

Bird of Paradise, gorgeous tropical flower!

My fave chicas, Trinity & Silvia.

My fave chico, Javier. <3

Sunset in ST.

Paradise found.

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