Saturday, June 12, 2010 new carro!

Here she is! Geovanna is a 1993 Geo Tracker 4x4, and I love her! I finally found a great used car to kick around in Costa Rica. The quad just doesn't do so well in the rainy season, so it was time to trade Rubi in for some bigger wheels and a rooftop. I wanted automatic because my manual skills are not all that, and I also wanted to be sure I got a 4x4 with air conditioning and a hard top. After 3 days of searching in Grecia (one of Costa Rica's used car capitols), Palmares, and San Ramon, I finally found this one. She's got everything I needed and the price was just right. Big thanks to my tico amigos Yerlin and Carlos and all of their family for helping me find and purchase the car. I can't express how valuable their contribution of time and energy was in this whole process. Without them I probably would've gotten the gringo treatment and the gringo price!!!

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you are still hanging around CR and if you sold your car. I used to live and teach in Santa Teresa BTW :)